15-06-18 Ultra Singapore Nicky Romero Singapore
16-06-18 Ultra Beijing Nicky Romero China
23-06-18 DDLK Santiago Nicky Romero Chile
29-06-18 Gypsy Club Moskouwy Nicky Romero US
30-06-18 Tinderbox Odensee San Holo Denmark
06-07-18 Electric Love Salzburg San Holo Austria
07-07-18 Dreamfields Giesbeek Nicky Romero Holland
07-07-18 We Are Electric Eersel San Holo Holland
10-07-18 Ultra Beach Hvar San Holo Croatia
10-07-18 Ultra Beach Hvar Nicky Romero Croatia



2013 - 2014

Style Demo


RJB Visuals is an agency that specializes in video- design, operation and production.

We have a wide range of skills including: VJ performances, video design and production, video game development and creating audio for clients ranging from various companies to well-known artists and events. This includes traveling the world with Nicky Romero and designing his full visual style and show.

We have organized a variety of events ourselves so we could test not yet done before visual productions.

Rick & Bob Jacobs